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iPhone Cheats / Hack for Duck Hunting: The Viking

Get all the iPhone cheats and hack for Duck Hunting: The Viking for free, these online tips and tricks are working in 2017 and 2018. Duck Hunting: The Viking is an app / game for iPhone mobile and compatible for iPhone 5 / 5C / 5S / SE, iPhone 6 / 6S / Plus, iPhone 7 / 7S / Plus and iPhone 8.

iPhone Cheats Hack for Duck Hunting: The Viking

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Do you like to play target shooting? Do you want to play an addictive pixel shooter game? If you do, try Duck Hunting: The Viking! It’s a cool pixel shooting game where you have to take down naughty tiny birds who fly with their tiny wings but have caused destructions everywhere! This is a cool variation of endless tapping games. Tap on the screen to shoot the ducks with your rifles, but avoid getting hit by these vicious fowls. Play with your friends and see who can achieve the highest score!

The hero of this tapping game is the Viking whose town is under attack from fowls and ducks. These tiny birds are more vicious than the meanest goose and they attack everyone and everything in their sight. One hit from these flying creatures and you will go down hard!

The duck dynasty will go on until a brave warrior, the Viking decides to go into battle with his shotgun. He will try to take as many duck lives as he can. This battle does not take place in a quiet target shooting range. It’s also not a target shooting game where you can take time and aim carefully. It’s a fast paced retro gaming experience.




• Play our awesome new Duck Hunter game for FREE!

• Perfect for kids and adults.

• Challenging game where the ducks are flying everywhere.

• Endless tapping game – collect as many points as you can.

• Colorful pixel game graphics.

• Cool Viking character as the duck shooter.

• Adorable but mean ducks.

Sometimes you will feel very frustrated when you play this retro game. You will want to kill every tiny bird in sight. Their hits are very deadly to your beloved character. At first you will have a hard time reaching a high score because the targets keep moving and you keep jumping. It’s impossible to take time to aim your rifle or shotgun. That’s why you need to practice more and more to be able to master this tapping game.

There are some tips that might help you improve your gaming skill as a duck shooter:

– Try tapping as many times as possible.

– Hit the ducks as early as possible.

– Learn the perfect timing to tap.

– Compete with your friends and family members to make this game even more fun and addictive.

Be warned! This game is not for duck lovers or duck tale lovers. This is a vengeful shooter where you take down the duck dynasties that have ruled too long in this pixel town. It’s a true battlefield here and the strongest one will win.

So, download our tapping game to your iPhone or iPad now. It’s FREE, fun, and addictive. We guarantee you won’t be able to stop playing this cool game.

Do you like our app? We’d love to hear from you and we also need your support in the form of ratings and reviews. It will really help us if you can take a minute to rate our game and leave a great review for us. We promise we’ll keep improving our apps to give you the best retro gaming experience!

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Duck Hunting: The Viking Hack and Cheats for Apple iPhone

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