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iPhone Cheats / Hack for Submarine Animal Transport Sim

Get all the iPhone cheats and hack for Submarine Animal Transport Sim for free, these online tips and tricks are working in 2017 and 2018. Submarine Animal Transport Sim is an app / game for iPhone mobile and compatible for iPhone 5 / 5C / 5S / SE, iPhone 6 / 6S / Plus, iPhone 7 / 7S / Plus and iPhone 8.

iPhone Cheats Hack for Submarine Animal Transport Sim

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Become a captain of a cargo submarine! Your duty today – transfer different animals between zoo, circus and safari park! Deliver all beast on time and be the savior of a day with Submarine Animal Transport Simulator!

Transport safari animals through the oceanic depth with your cargo submarine and feel like a real sailor! Dive into the ocean waters, swim fast to deliver animals on time and have fun! Watch the map to find a place for transporting animals, get your submarine there, load beast and sail to the destination point!

Gain ultimate driving experience controlling an animal cargo submarine! Don’t forget about cattle safety – sail accurately to avoid accidents!
Mind that water pressure could damage your submarine! Think ahead and don’t dive below dangerous level; your brave crew will fix any wreck, but it usually takes much time! Control your submarine attentively and do your best to complete all missions!

Earn money for every successfully delivered creature and use it to unlock new submarines or upgrade the old one – invest new engine to become faster or new trunk to achieve more space for animals!
Feel like a new Noah collecting and transporting animals on your submarine playing Submarine Animal Transport Simulator! Ride the wave, sail on seas and have fun!

Submarine Animal Transport Simulator features:
Unusual cargo submarine simulator
Different delivery missions
Wide range of animals to transport
Useful 3D map
Different upgrades for your submarine

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iPhone Screenshots for Submarine Animal Transport Sim

Submarine Animal Transport Sim Hack and Cheats for Apple iPhone

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